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All torrents stopped, still transferring data at 40/30 KBps.


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All torrents stopped, still transferring data at 40/30 KBps.

I'm using utorrent 2.2.1 build 25130, on 64-bit Windows 7.

I made the image ten minutes ago, got sidetracked by something, and nothing has changed - the part on the right continues to the current moment.

I'm hosting a lot of torrents, and I noticed I was "downloading" at 40 KBps, even though no active torrents were downloading. When active torrents weren't uploading, I was "uploading" at 30 KBps. This time period is represented by the blue line labelled "1". At the point labelled "2", I stopped every torrent. Yet traffic remains at 40KBps inbound, 30 KBps outbound, and has continued to do so for 25 minutes. This is clearly not merely overhead, as since all torrents have been stopped for almost half an hour, there is no overhead to calculate.

I do not have utorrent apps installed. I have DHT, LPD and PEX turned off.

The only values in the advanced settings that are not default shouldn't be causing this, but here they are:

bt.transp_disposition: 21

net.max_halfopen: 1000


40 KB/sec down and 30 KB/sec up isn't going to kill me, but if it's not related to legitimate utorrent activity (and it's not), I'd like to figure out what's causing it.

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