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Where has the date gone


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I am sort of newbie to all this so I ask for help

In the old version I was able to see what I had down loaded after stopping the seeding process.

Like sort by date.

Now with this new version after I stop seeding I can no longer sort by date so when I want to burn a DVD of a program what ever there does not appear to be anyway to do this.

My folder has over 600 torrents in it.

Is there a way to do this or am I doing this wrong.

Can somebody please help me

Thanks in advance :)

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Ok Ok OK

Been there looking since me last post

Well I have learnt something today

That I couldn't find in help,search or faq's

And now I know how to add columns

But it would have been easier just to say

"If you want to add or delete a Column right click you mouse in the header line it will show you what you have selected and displayed."

I hope this may help others that were puzzled by the quandary of the missing headers. :P

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