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old torrents re-appearing


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I have utorrent version 3.1.4 on Windows Vista.

I am new to utorrent (new to torrenting full stop actually) I had once use the very similar bittorrent client but utorrent was recently recommended to me.

Anyway, my problem is that everytime I start utorrent all my old torrent files re-appear in the GUI even though I have moved or deleted the downloaded content.

I read in the help files that the torrent files is saved in the settings folder %appdata%\user\roaming\utorrent\settings and indeed I found lots of torrent files in there which I went of to delete but the nest time I started utorrent, they re-appeared again!

Where is the program getting this information from?

I didn't have this problem with bittorrent which is a very similar interface

all my settings are defaultsetting, coz I know no different! BTW

Any help appreciated

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Thank you for your reply...

where do I find "automatically load ,torrents from setting"?

In the preferences \ directories ay the bottom the is a "automatically load torrents from..." tick box but it is unticked with nothing selected

Would you mind explaining more about the RSS you mentioned as I see no reference to RSS in the preferences to turn on or off

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Well f7 feeds shows no feeds

In the meantime. I uninstalled utorrent, I then searched the registry for utorrent and deleted everything, then I ran ccleaner registry cleaner and deleted the two further entries that found. I restarted. I then downloaded utorrent 3.1.3 and installed upon opening....you've guessed it! all my old torrent files appear again!!!!

Just where are these torrent fioes being resurected from?

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