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Please help! Download rate too high


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Hi everyone,

First time posting in here, but desperate times....

So, I've been using uTorrent for years and had no problems so far until recently when I got a new SP and I have a download limit per month.

The problem is that in the Download bar the Total (T) download rate far exceeds the actual one even when all torrents are stopped from seeding except for just one. i.e. The T will show download rate of 12,5 MB/s while the only torrent currently being downloaded is with a speed of 250 KB/s.

I don't understand what's going on and I think that this is eating up my download allotment.


P.S. I know how to limit download/upload rates but even after I've done so only the torrent DL speed is lowered and not the total one.

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The Download section starts with a "D" and displays download speed related statistics in the following order:

The global download rate limit (in square brackets, assuming such a limit is set, and Show speed limits in the status bar is enabled)

The total data download speed

The total communication download overhead speed (with an "O" preceding the speed)

The total local peer download speed (with an "L" preceding the speed, assuming µTorrent is downloading at more than 1 KiB/s from local peers)

The total amount of data downloaded this session (with a "T" preceding the amount)

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