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torrent files disappeared


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BIG problems with 3.1.2 & 313 [ should be called Very UN-stable! versions ]

Same trouble as Previous post!

using win7 32,

have had system lock-up due to high resources ... did hard shut-down as wouldn't close after more than 20 Minutes wait ...

when re-started computer & torrent, EVERYTHING being downloaded previously was gone!

looks just like when first time using µTorrent .

Lucky, the actual Gb's of files were not lost, but ALL the torrent settings and links GONE ... ... ... !!

[ lot of lost time to find link if did not save the torr link when only magnet used ! :( ]

Have also had this happen 2 times now! :mad:

>> PS . another problem - sometimes will not accept chosen download folder - if not default (v313) <<

So, have now gone back to using uTorrent v2.2.1

*** More stable!


*** Quicker peer connects!


[ and LOOKS better than newer versions! :P who needs all that smooth vista appearance? ]

I've now turned OFF auto update as well - the old saying - " If it aint Broken - DON'T need to Fix It "

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I don't think it is the entire cause of the problem - as I've had the occaision of needing to do hard shut down with the older versions of utorrent running , and have Never had any of them lose the settings or file links etc. [running on Win98, XP, or Win7 ]

And as with the previous post entry having the similar problem after just re-starting the computer ...

there Must be a glytch in the newer 3+ versions of uTorrent ... ... ...

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