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uTorrent cripples HDD to a halt, without load


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I'm having a weird issue with uTorrent. I'm located at The Gathering, with a 200 gbit connection (1 gbit per user, ~300 approacheable atm.) and uTorrent keeps lockin up my download-drive. It seems like it's having issues writing to the drive, as it grinds it to a halt. Even with just a single torrent downloading (everyone else completely stopped), as soon as it fills up the cache it just stops completely. Even rechecking files is juddery.

I have separate temporary- and finished folders, both on the same drive, and moving a 1 GB torrent (~15 RAR files) took 20 minutes. Opening a folder on the drive takes maybe 3 minutes. As soon as i close uTorrent it works a lot better, but not fine until i had a restart.

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