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2 different net connections on the same pc, but utorrent uses only 1.


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I use 2 internet connections on my PC. Lets assume it as A and B.

But I want to configure my PC and utorrent in such a way that, utorrent uses only A internet connection, while my firefox/chrome browser uses only the B internet connection.

Can anyone help me out with the step to step method on how to do this?

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nope both are dynamic..

1) one internet works through the usb dongle

2) second one works through my htc phone(3G network)

But if due to the dynamic ip if I have to set the ip address each time I plug them in , I have no problem doing that.

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i tried it but im facing a problem...

ie. i can now make utorrent use the connection which i intend to(HTC phone 3G),

but while browsing through mozilla,or any other browser, these browsers use the latest connection

ie If i use connection A(htc) for utorrent, and the connect connection B(usb dongle), then the mozilla uses the connection B.

But if I connect connection B and then connect connection A, then mozilla will use connection A.

Isn't there a way to make mozilla use only connection B?

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