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108 peers and nobody is downloading?


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Hi, DreadWingKnight.

I agree on looking before you post. :) Here's one for you, however:

I'm afraid I'm not well enough informed to understand what you mean when you say "X of Y (Z in swarm) for both numbers with the offending torrent selected." Can you translate that to non-geek speak for me, please? I'm not being facetious, honestly. :)

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Select the offending torrent. Click the "Info" tab and get me the numbers for seeds and peers from there.

Unfortunatelly or fortunatelly, right now I see


0 of 0 connected (0 in swarm)


0 of 0 connected(2 in swarm).

The same thing in the top panel.

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In desperate times, some of us have been known to read the 'thank you' comments and see who really liked the download. Then you can PM one or two and VERY politely ask them to please seed. Something along the lines of

"By your comment I'm thinking X was pretty good. I'd really like to see it: Any chance of a bit of seeding, please? Thanks! :)"

Granted, it's a pretty female (and Canadian) way of doing things, but people are usually very helpful under those circumstances.

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