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Reinstall of Plus Fails - Error downloading license key


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Purchased Plus last month with new PC Windows 7 64 bit. Motherboard flaked out losing USB connections so finally replaced it. Had to re-install Windows etc...

Got to re-installing UTorrent Plus from my originally downloaded copy stored on an external drive with my purchase info and .pdf receipt.

Upon installation I get this error.

X Failed to download your plus license key.

Please try again

HTTP Error 404

Looked for an e-mail for support. None. Found I needed to use the forums. Couldn't find my problem so I'm posting.

Not exactly how I expect customer service for software I've paid for. Hopefully this can be resolved otherwise I will have no option other than to contact my CC provider. I realize this is a small operation or at least it seems like it, but if I can't use the software and can't get support, really what choice does one have?



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