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Just updated to 3.1.3 and I'm not happy


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I said NO to installing the toolbar but it installed it anyway :(

I don't like losing the screen space which is why I said NO to installing it. :( :mad: :rolleyes:

Please tell me how to completely remove it :P:rolleyes:

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Same here, I unticked the boxes, yet uTorrent forcibly closed my Firefox without a warning, causing me to lose several tabs worth of things I cant get back anymore and installed this fucking toolbar.

This is borderline malicious behaviour, please bitchslap the one responsible and rectify this issue in future releases.

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I too have just updated my utorrent which I have been using for years with no problems.

I unticked every box when I updated but it still installed the toolbar and tried to force my home page. Because I have BT Internet which also forces you to use their page when you open Internet Explorer my Internet Explorer crashes.

For example I tried to open the TV Guide and got this:


It just tries to open the page over and over again but never actually does it. Eventually it crashes altogether.

The toolbar refuses to be uninstalled as when I open the Control Panel and go into Add & Remove programs the item isn't there. I have tried searching for it but it isn't there.

Can you please help me to uninstall this unwanted item.

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