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utorrent qmasing


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It is simply amazing how far Utorrent has come...down. itr's simply shit now. I'm referring to the latest supposedly "stable" version 3.1.3 with supposedly a bunch of fixes for crashing and what not, but it is the same shit as the last "stable version", which froze every time I tried to play a file that was downloading. (old versions never did that and I would still have them if they still downloaded anything, but they stopped downloading and I had to update) and froze up for several other unknown reasons and half the time if I forced it closed, it wouldn't so to restart it I had to restart my computer. Well guess what folks, it's the same exact bullshit with this version, you fixed nothing that I am aware of. It freezes for reasons known and unknown reasons and won't close with the task manager. so congratulations for bringing down the best torrent downloader there was to nothing, you should be proud of yourselves. Software developers these days are simply amazing amazing, you all get to self justify your jobs, "improving" the product well past its prime until you ruin it like this. Roxio (disk burning software)is an example, I spent $40 on it online and like phones these days, it had shit I never heard of and didn't want, running like 6 modules in the backgorund for downloading music, searching for music, a perpetual version cheker, etc., the only problem was that THE SONOFABITCH would not ACTUALLY BURN ANY DISKS! Roxio, once upon a time worked, back when all it did was burn disks. Utorrent used to work great. now it is garbage. this happens because the standards for software engineering are at an all time low and the "engineers" are hacks. You make excuses for your shitty work and kill messengers (delete our posts) like me when we bring you the bad news that we've figured out why the software you work on no longer works. out. and your employers let you keep your jobs even though you fuck more shit up than you ever fix each time you up a new version. It's the same story with every peaces of software I use these days, browsers, Windows, you name it. The problem is I think that you've all been hired out of strip mall diploma mill "universities" at rock bottom pay rates. Another problem I read is that all the programming languages these days are built to allow sloppy inefficient code to spare the programmer and tax the machines because the machines are so robust. Can you spell SOFTWARE BLOAT? It all started, I read with the development of PERL.. You combine that tidbit with a bunch of strip mall university graduates and that explains why most of the software doesn't work or soon won't when people like you get done with it.

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