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Freezes whole system when downloading some torrent

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When downloading some torrents not all, it will act like its going to start downloading then it freezes the whole system i get the annoying pinwheel. It will not even let me do the force quit I just have to shutdown manually. The torrent will have a stop sign with an ! on it . Once i restart and reopen i have to remove it from list right away before it freezes again and its fine.

Its random its only some files and I only choose files that are trusted or VIP and the ones that have been freezing have a couple thousand seeds. Its really frustrating.

When downloading multiple files some will be downloading fine and one freezes the system till i restart and remove it from the list and its good to go.

I also downloaded Bittorrent to try it and it does the same thing with certain files.

Please fix this bug.

Im running utorrent 1.6.3 build 27089 on

Mid 2009 macbook pro

2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3

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What is the deal this section is titled troubleshooting (MAC) so how is this the windows section. Can u post the link to the Mac section if the section titled Utorrent Mac isn't for MAC's. This link from the Mac download page is what took me here. It was the link labeled discussion right under the download link. I just want some answers!!

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