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uTorrent Streaming will not work if files are skipped


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Hi guys,

the problem is that uTorrent will not stream any video files if other files included in the torrent are skipped (not downloaded).

For example, a torrent contains the following files


✔ example.mp4

✔ notes.txt


Notes.txt is unchecked (because I do not want to download that file)

Only "example.mp4" is left checked


✔ example.mp4

☐ notes.txt


The STREAM button is pressed

uTorrent proceeds to buffer the beginning of the video for "example.mp4"

STREAM is ready to be played

STREAM button is pressed and VLC gets launched

I wait, but the stream will not play

The VLC window is a black window with the VLC logo in the middle.


However, if the notes.txt is downloaded, then it will start streaming instead of just displaying a black window for eternity.

It took me a while to figure out why uTorrent streaming only sometimes worked. My final conclusion of

"if the files you are not streaming are not finished downloading, then the file you are streaming will not start to stream"

You are invited to recreate the scenario described above with any torrent containing extra files besides the one video you will be streaming.(just deselect the extra file(s) that is not the video file and see if it streams)

Please try to fix this problem, it isn't a big one but still is irritating.


Temporary solution until the bug is fixed:

Do not uncheck any files when the Torrent is started. (Don't Skip Files)

In order to speed up the start of streaming put the .txt files or any extra files on high priority.

The video will only start to stream when the other files are finished downloading AND the video file is finished buffering the first part.


Some notes:

I know the beginning of the video file is fully buffered but not streaming, because after the stream button becomes available to be depressed, I can open the incomplete .mp4 file in VLC and it will play the buffered part.

The problem is not with my personal software, hardware, internet or anything on my end. It is a problem with uTorrent. I have done repeated experiments with different torrents and streaming players, and all results support my conclusion.

Please try it out and post you results.

For you who got the video to stream after waiting: The extra file you unchecked and told uTorrent not to download are sometimes downloaded and stored in the "~uTorrentPartFile_XXXXXXXX.dat". If the extra file is downloaded, then the video will start streaming.

That brings me to another point,

Hey uTorrent, why are you downloading files I specific told you to skip (ALSO KNOWN AS DON'T DOWNLOAD THE FILE!). Does the piece that contain the file also contain other data from files in the torrent? Is it a bug? Still I want to congratulate you on disobeying my rules, because if you always followed my rules I would of never found this out!

Software Information:

uTorrent Version: 3.1.3

VLC 2.0.1

Windows 7 x64

Apologies for:

making a long post

repeated information

any spelling mistakes

any grammar mistakes

being new to the forum

angry tone

smug tone

writing these apologies

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