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Ver 3.1.3 Ratio Not Appearing in Status Bar


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No longer have access to Ratio.

I've added and deleted Ratio from the Status Bar and cannot get it to appear. I've right clicked status bar to select and deselect ratio in attempts to get ratio back without success.

Any help would be appreciated. I don't seem to be having problems with any other field. I've even deselected all fields after ratio in an effort to see if ratio was somehow set a zero field length without success.


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I had not reset the status bar and I'm sure I missed it when searching help prior to submitting request. Didn't know I should do that when fields didn't appear in the status bar.

Perhaps reset status bar should be listed first when right clicking on the Stats Bar. Now its listed below Bandwidth Allocation and doesn't initially appear when right clicking on Status Bar. Also suggest change Reset to Reset Status Bar.

Thanks for the help.

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