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Speed Test Failed : Error 10060


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Hi guys, uTorrent has been working perfectly for me for the past few years. Nothing has changed recently, and it has just decided to go kaput.

Location: Australia

OS: Windows 7

AntiVirus: Windows Security Essentials

Firewall: Standard Windows Firewall

My internet speed is fine, network configurations are fine. I have not changed any settings recently or otherwise from my firewall or antivirus, yet I keep getting this error message.

I am not uploading torrents, I am seeding one, and wanting to download two more.

I updated to the 3.2 Beta after looking through a lot of answer threads, but this has not solved my problem so far.

-Also, I've done the usual, reboot computer, router, etc. -

Please help?

EDIT: I have that little yellow triangle thing down the bottom right as well

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Is the speed test failing and getting a yellow triangle the only symptoms you have of an issue? Downloads/uploads are working in µT? The speed test failing isn't anything I'd worry about, the servers regularly suck. As for the yellow status, that would most likely come down to needing to forward your port in your router (ignore the pfconfig crap) http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/routerindex.htm

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