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Please please help :/


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Okay i know that alot of people have gotten "warning possibly insufficient sources"

and now i am getting this problem, yes i have re installed it, even tried bittorrent and other torrent clients but still same problem.

now you are probably thinking why i havent searched for it, etc. but i have -.- ive spent a good 5 hours since yesterday trying different things but no lucky :/ did the fbi bust me or something?

if you have a chance can someone explain whats going on or link me to a method pleasee :|

or you can email me at isquare22@yahoo.com

thanks for youre time.

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Well then forgive me, since I can't seem to find it.

SHit shit shit shit

sorry i missread your post, i was looking at the signature -.-

and what do you mean avalability?

its not just one torrent, ive tried different torremts some with 10x more seeders than leechers and still no luck :/

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