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  1. What I used to get from torrents, I now get from the novel new idea called usenet. They have been there all along, I just didn't know the right newsgroup. Don't know what you mean by rise, but if you mean become the most used. Maybe. I have used several including Vuze, Transmission, KTorrent, qBittorrent, and uTorrent for Linux. All do what I need a torrent client to do, download, seed the torrent, and be secure. That is all they need to do. As far as ads go I would just ignore them.
  2. uTorrent 3.2 works for me under Wine, on openSUSE 12.1, with the KDE desktop.
  3. In Firefox it is under Preferences > Content > Enable JavaScript > Advanced
  4. ccc and publicbt are down more than up. Don't worry about them. I usually remove all of them.
  5. CONNECTION TYPE║ UPLOAD ║CONNECTIONS║MAX ACTIVE║ ║(UPLOAD MAXIMUM║Limit│Slots║ Torr│ MAX ║Torr│Down.║ 1 mbit/sec ║ 92│ 6║ 60│ 200║ 7│ 6 looks about right to me.
  6. Because YOU don't have the .torrent file. http://news.softpedia.com/news/BitTorrent-Magnet-Links-Explained-132536.shtml
  7. So you are willing to give access to your hard drive, to other users, so they can "Query torrent file contents", if you already have the .torrent file? If not, where are they going to "Query torrent file contents" from? The torrent host site isn't going to provide it. That is the reason for the switch to magnet links. You click on the magnet link, the first peers get the .torrent from the original seed, then others get it from them, and it is passed along until everyone is happily downloading, and hopefully uploading after they have the completed file(s).
  8. Been using the server version since it was released, and haven't had a problem. Last uT version in Wine I could see a torrent list in was 2.2.1
  9. Where are you going to grab the torrent info from? Do you want someone else entering the .torrent files stored on your hard drive, to extract that information, so they can populate that data? Wait for the magnet link to get the. torrent downloaded to your computer. Safer that way, in my opinion.
  10. Adding magnet links isn't going to show the file list in any client. Why? Because you don't have the .torrent file until you obtain the .torrent file from one of the other peers in that specific torrent swarm. No need to refresh the webui.
  11. Try the download page to get the latest version? http://user.utorrent.com/downloads/complete?os=linux
  12. I would start with these values 384 kbit/sec ║ 35│ 4║ 40│ 90║ 3│ 2 then experiment.between those settings and these 448 kbit/sec ║ 40│ 4║ 40│ 100║ 3│ 2 but they look pretty much the same to me so your settings for 400kbits/sec would be 37.5 | 4 || 40 | 95 || 3 | 2 :/
  13. You may have a long wait. Like my moods I switch between the Linux version and using wine + uTorrent.
  14. Maybe you should ask in the correct forum. This forum is for v3.0 alpha. I haven't noticed that flag in my Linux install of v3.0 alpha.