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Trouble creating a working RSS feed


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I am trying to create a RSS feed for my workmates.

This is something I intend to use at the workspace with my colleagues. We can use uTorrent just fine to get stuff around but now I'm trying to get a RSS feed in place so they can start downloading stuff before they actually get to work.

I grabbed uCast and created an RSS feed. When I open the link, i see a torrent is created:


RSS feed 'Versiune' created using the µCast App

PhotosThursday, July 12, 2012 10:51 AMPhotos - 58.7 MB

However, nobody that added my Feed automatically starts the download.

Whenever I check the settings for the RSS feed i only see options about Episodes, and video quality and stuff like this. However, I won't be feeding movies but work-related things. I assume this isn't a problem?

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I checked with our IT Manager if the firewall could interfere with this but he said since everything is done internally our firewall can't be to blame.

Thanks for any help,


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You should give here an example of your RSS feed, and a screenshot of your "favorite" settings.

If the links inside the feed to the magnet links are *accessible* to others ( I mean the tracker defined in there is working and accessible, or all are using DHT) , you should be fine.

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