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Constantly Uploading


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I have unmetered usage between midnight and 8; so I have the scheduling set for these times.

But the client only restricts downloads for this period and uploads constantly.

My intention was to leave the client on 24/7 (whenever the computer was switched on.. which it usually is).

after hitting my 60gig monthly limit after 14 days I am a bit concerned.

I have been forced to restrict uploads to the lowest settings as aggressively as possible because it is the only way I can see to halt uploading during metered hours.

even with no downloads, supposedly scheduled to be off, every settings turned to minimum I am still at a constant 0.3kB/s down and 0.4kB/s upload (see image)



I have [ticked] Limit Local peer bandwidth.

I would like to offer maximum upload during unmetered hours and non during metered hours.

What am i doing wrong?

Is there a way to do this without having to turn off the client?


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Hi Thanks

No, no RSS Feeds...

I unchecked the 2 DHT boxes in > Preferences >BitTorrent but after 5 minutes still no change...

OK problem solved... (I have many torrents that I dutifully seed). I Force started a torrent, it remained [F]orced after completely downloaded. As this was a popular torrent I have been uploading it constantly.

I have stopped the torrent and the started (normally) and the client reports zero bandwidth usage.

Is it possible to automatically remove the [F]orce flag from a torrent after download?

(now I gotta redo all my settings again!)

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force start bypasses the scheduler...

... I don't need to do it if I have just a single torrent in my download list... but how would I start a single torrent in a list of torrents?

(I now know i need to restart any [Forced] torrent after...)

No, and you shouldn't be force starting torrents anyway.


what is it supposed to be used for?

Thanks for assisting ;)

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won't work unless schedule is deactivated..

if schedule is deactivated to allow this "moved up the queue" torrent.. then uploads will also need to be restricted.. and considering I chewed up my bandwidth uploading a single torrent, limiting it to 1 wouldn't work... also, the queue would continue...

so I thank you for your assistance but I completely disagree... I think it is fine to [F]orce start a torrent to bypass schedule and just remember to start it normally after it has been downloaded... WAY less clicks/complicated than your suggestion.

It is ONLY supposed to be used to TEMPORARILY bypass queue limits.
I look forward to an update where [F]orce start is limited to this use... till then I'm gunna assume it has other uses.
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