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I Have the same Trouble, and i have tested "Every" combination of Cache, i have try the disable of Antivirus, and other software but nothing to do !

Problem on uTorrent From 3.2 to 3.2.1 beta


Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

Processor i7 3860X (6 Core 12th)

Ram: 32Gbyte

The HDD is hybrid 8Gb of SSD+750Gb of HDD

The Archive is a 6Gb of MP3 from a Amiga Collection of Remixes Tunes

-- Edit

I have try un a USB 3.0 Flash Drive ( 32Gb ) and the problem is present too

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The only media player i use is VLC and Deliplayer, and Both need my for act :-D

The problem is uTorrent itself, it scan all the media during the download, and i

have found a trouble, it stuck in one of the media, of this compilation, the internal

media scanner of uTorrent it freese in this media and utorrent download process

rest locked itself !!!

The only way i have found is for now, delete the temp file of the corrupted media

and rescan the hash and set the flag of don't dowload the media itself......


if a mp3 header is corrupted, lock up the process and lockup utorrent itself, and is not a

trouble but is a real BUG !!!

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[ SOLVED ] - For my Situation / Problem

The problem was the Archive, inside there is Two Music but they have the SAME NAME and Windows\uTorrent try to write the "Chunks" and go in conflict and say the file is in use...

from itself, and ....yes the uTorrent search the Header and Extension of files for permit to stream the media, and in this way can lockup itself if a media is "bugged".


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I had the same issue after updating to 3.2. I think it was caused by utorrent trying to download to C:\, which is then blocked by windows I guess. When ever I make sure the destined location is to videos or user I don't have a problem .

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