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Problems Relocating Files


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So I renamed some files, and was trying to relocate them, but I accidentally skipped the first file and named the second file what the first should have been named, and so on until the seventh file. When I try to re-relocate files 2-7, I get the message, "Cannot create a file when that file already exists." This even happens for the seventh file, even though the seventh file name hasn't been used at all (because I named the eighth file and onward correctly).

For a visualization:

File 1 - "File 1"

File 2 - "File 1"

File 3 - "File 2"

File 4 - "File 3"

File 5 - "File 4"

File 6 - "File 5"

File 7 - "File 6"

File 8 - "File 8"

I have tried exiting and restarting the program to see if that would make a difference, but it doesn't. Any advice on how I can properly relocate the files?

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You cannot relocate a file when the target named file alread exists. I have done something like that in the past.

Case one: I pointed (via relocate) to the wrong file. So I do not want to relocate the file it is pointing to - all I want to do is re-point it to the correct file. In Windows File Manager, I add the character "a" to the end of the file name. Then I go back to uTorrent and relocate the file to the correct file. (uTorrent can't move a file that it cannot find.) Then I go back to Windows File Manager and remove the "a" at the end of the name.

Case two: Similar to case one, but the creator of the torrent has miss-labeled (title of a show for example) the physical files on a multi-file torrent. Where "a" should be "c", "b" should be "a", and "c" should be "b". This is harder to not get confused. I would Create temp folder. Within the temp folder, I would create a sub-folder with the current Name of the file, move the file to that sub-folder, re-name file to what it should be. Once I have done that to all the mis-labled files. I would use re-locate to point uTorrent to the new named file. (The folder name since it is the same name as file name in uTorrent makes it easier to find the new file name.) Then perform relocate again to move it back to the main folder. - There may be easier ways to do this. Good luck.

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