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utorrent wont download anything


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hello, yesterday i have trouble with my utorrent and can't fix it.

i already download many file with utorrent but suddenly yesterday utorrent wont load everything.

this is the pic


it says 'file not found during integrity check: c\...\remote-devpair.dat /.dat.new/dat.old

please help me utorrent is very important to me.

i try bitorrent but same thing happen :(

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We don't have a spoiler tag.

Those errors are not relevant to your issue.

And why are you not looking at the torrents category.

troubleshooting : µTorrent is not working properly or crashes? Then this is the forum for you.

my utorrent not working properly, so i think its the right category.

if that error are not relevant, so why?? my utorrent suddenly wont load everything even the file have many seeders. its always 0,0% and eta infinity :(

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