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webui - can't create new label - param.view.selectedRows is not define


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can't create a new label in ubuntu webui. Had a quick look at the code and the func:


is defined twice in /js/webui/webui.js

the second def on line: 3696 takes the wrong arguments, so i presumed this one was deprecated

the first def on line: 1470

has the correct arguments passed (label name) so presuming this is the good. But this throws an error:

param.view.selectedRows not defined

it couldn't get a list of selected rows, to build up hashes for the ajax query to create the new label.


try create a new label

quick fix for other users - to create a new label

open up console in your js debugger (i used firebug in firefox)

you need to find the hash of 1 and only 1 torrent you want added to the new label. Can't create empty labels unfortunately but get the hash of atleast one torrent. Put your hash in the line below replacing


with the hash of a torrent thats currently listed

utWebUI.request('action=setprops&s=label&hash=586F2D38501676C08DFD7905531984CE674D15C1&v=' + encodeURIComponent('piratebay.se'));

my systems

ubuntu 11.10

webui v 3_0

firefox 14.0.1

chrome 18.0.1025.168

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tried it and no joy.

got the code from github: https://github.com/bittorrent/webui

placed it in: /js/webui (with other files from linux download)

re-zipped to webui.zip

used conf file to point to new webui.zip

TypeError: $("DLG_SETTINGS_SAVE") is null
Line 1036

is the plan to have all os's running the same webui code? If so I don't mind forking the repo and seeing if I can get it up on linux.

hope I'm on the right track with the above.

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