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Manually starting torrent from rss feed causes crash -- 3.2.1B (27605)


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I'm having an issue where manually starting a torrent from an RSS feed causes a uTorrent crash. Programs that are listed in my RSS downloader start and download properly when they show up; the problem only occurs if I attempt to start something manually.

I'm seeing two different behaviors depending on how I attempt the start. If I double-click on the selected torrent, I immediately get an error tone and the uTorrent crash dump window pops up. If I right-click on the selected torrent and select Download, uTorrent freezes, but I get no crash dump window. It just stays frozen until I use End Process in the Task Manager to terminate the application.

I'm running uTorrent 3.2.1 Beta (27605) under Windows 7, and I have plenty of available memory and disk space.

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