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Separate resume database (resume.dat is managed separately)


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Hello everybody,

I have an idea like this:

I don't know whether this have already been done or possible to be done. When the number of file downloaded increased into likely 7000 - 8000. The start-up of the uTorrent seems very slow. The idea is to manage it by a separate database like sqlite, and only access if needed such as when adding new torrents; finishing downloading torrents... The currently unfinished will be in the usual list which will be loaded instantly.

I believe this better because at the time of around 9000s torrents in the list. I found that the start up speed is very slow and cost a lot of memory. The computer CPU fan noisier when there are so many torrents compare to few torrents in the list.

Why do we have to bring the whole to-do list of all things we have already done with us every time we go out instead of just the to-do for that day or that near future?

I know that if that a function like that will make utorrent will more complex, need more files... However, I see that the performance will be increased significantly.

Any ideas on this? :-)


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I'm with this it sounds perfect more so for when the torrents files are not located in the setting set download directory. Instead have been moved to other hard drives using 'Advanced - Set Download Location' and 'Relocate'.

How many torrents there is on the list takes huge amount of time to start utorrent. With have a large seed torrent, more time when there are many large torrents.

With torrents sizes ever increasing with download/upload speed increasing means more can download and upload quicker. Not to mention any s-box set-ups that is is been taken up and more are hearing about each day. Must take forever with those does linux utorrent also have the same problem as the windows version has ?). I have 200gb and 100gb torrents with many others all in the double high figures. The need to check all these seeding torrents each time isn't needed when nothing has changed. Normally seed 24/7 but are times I need to close utorrent, complete virus check and other tasks besides. In a month utorrent could be shut down a few times to complete these needed tasks. Something I hate to do given the time utorrent takes to start again, not to mention wear on the devices others rely on for me to seed to them.

An extra file for resume (of the seed files only) wouldn't be a big deal for utorrent developers to implement.

But would be a huge deal for us, If implemented to stop this problem.

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Yeah, It comes serious when the startup time of verssion 3.2.3 took about 4 minutes, with number of torrents reach around 20000, memory ~500Mb, for version 3.3 is a little more. The program is always in state of not responding when adding torrents/ showing the program windows although the computer resource is quite generous (core i7, 8GB ram, Win7 Ult 64bit).

I have predicted this problem long time ago. But as an end-user/tester what I can to make this better :P?

Check these screenshots:



For this reason, small memory footprint seems bloated. I think that the resume.dat is just for unfinished downloads. There should be a [finished.dat] for complete 100%, [partial.dat] for selective dls.

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