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Can't download a torrent


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I've been using uTorrent at work for more than nine months now , all is well and I have been getting some remarks about my download rate a bit so I limited my download speed to 100 Kb/s .... all was well until they made some changes to the internet permissions and blocked access to sites like vimeo and youtube and twitter and the pirate bay so I started using a proxy changer ("Free Gate") , All of the sites opened up nicely but my download was hit for some reason , even the regular downloads but the most notable was utorrent , I couldn't download anything torrent related . not even on other clients like bit torrent or lord torrent or toorent2exe so I'm suspecting it has to do with either permissions enforced on my particular machine by the IT or the result of me messing with the proxy settings ... Torrent downloads are possible on all the other PCs in the department but so far not on mine ... Any ideas or input is hugely appreciated

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