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3.2.1 - How to turn off ads, except for the silly Upgrade banner


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I cannot thank you enough! Disabling the settings really worked and my utorrent is now ad-free! Yahoo!! Thanks again, everyone. I also registered to tell you how grateful I am for your great advice. At least those stupid ads are gone.


charlie456 from Canada  :) :) :)

Simply close and restart utorrent!! This preferences have you set to False:

Advanced Settings
Hidden Advanced Settings



It's return to enable and "Upgrade to Pro" it's back and it's impossible to hide this!

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Beasly, on 26 Oct 2014 - 05:24 AM, said:snapback.png

I figured out how to fix it so that it works again :D. Just make the settings.dat, settings.dat.old, and settings.dat.new read only after you follow Beasly original instructions.

Windows Locations: C:\Users\LOLZ\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\settings.dat

I have attached mine. You shouldn't need them though.





Nahhhh bro... this don't work lol ... i have all 3 files set to read only and it still resets every time utorrent is restarted. I wonder if anyone has an actual solution yet... i can deal with this shit for now since it's only the stupid upgrade to utorrent words only sign on the panel...still annoying though i guess

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