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Ridiculous speed issues, Tried the troubleshooting tips.


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Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit

uTorrent Version: 3.2.2 (Beta)

ISP: Rogers Canada

-Port has already been forwarded

-Ran the Setup Guide

-Encryption already enabled

-Paying for 75mb/s download connection (Yes, I KNOW that they don't promise that), Cable, in an apartment complex. 2mb/s upload,

-Running PeerBlock always.

-Cisco DPC3825, Wireless N access point, 1000/100/10BASE-T Ethernet ports.

(If I missed anything, I'm sorry)


Now that those pre-lim things are out of the way, Ill explain what I've noticed;

So for the past month, I've noticed absolutely terrible download speeds from various torrents (Even things like Open Office or Linux stuff). They usually range from 20-50KB/s, sometimes spiking up to around 150 and even more rarely, 500KB/s. I've tried many solutions that I've been able to find on the forums here but I just can't seem to get anything that works. My roommates here are able to download things at much faster speeds (700KB/S+) but no matter what I do I just can't get any faster speeds. I was originally connecting to the Access Point wirelessly, but I've recently direct-connected and still no improvement.

Hopefully I've given enough information.

Can anyone make any suggestions, or is anyone else having similar issues?

EDIT: I checked again, and now my uTorrent isnt completing the Setup Guide thing. I keep getting error 10053.

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