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UTORRENT doesnt start downloading.


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Hi, I'm using Utorrent for Mac, its been working fine more months and yesterday I tried to download new episodes of Homeland etc. and it has just stopped working! The arrow goes blue for a bit then turns red...there are loads of seeders and all that. Tried to upgrade and still no luck. Does anybody have any idea?? I have to see Homeland s2e3 ASAP haha.



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It would seem logical that if all was working an hour before installing the new version, and now it's not, then reverting to the version that worked would be a good solution.

And, yes, you are right - failure access denied banned torrent - is the status.

So, obviously, in retrospect I should have checked to see if the new version was banned before updating.

Now, how do I revert to previous version, please?

Edit: Never mind, I just downloaded an older version and deleted the new one.

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