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am i being hacked? or just a Bug?


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Hello guys! Im new

Well, i'm here because i have a strange problem, i have no idea if it is someone hacking or a just a bug with utorrent.

Let me explain.

I have 2 years using torrents but only 4 months with utorrent, Saturday i downloaded a torrent with images from various animes and run utorrent for start downloading the content inside the torrent, everything was fine.

Monday i deleted one folder with about 1500 images (from where it was and from recycle bin), the folder had images about lots of parks, some travels and designs. When i did this utorrent was closed.

Same day in the afternoon i reopened utorrent and it started. The torrent has about 1000 images inside 40 folders.

When i went to the main folder where it was downloading, i saw there were imagenes from the folder i deleted monday in the morning, mixed with the images from the torrent,

however sometimes my images (from the deleted folder) were there temporarily, after 30 or 50 minutes they were replaced by the real images from the torrent.

For example:

There is a folder named 01, that folder has 50 pictures. 43 images are from the real torrent, 7 from my deleted folder.

When that folder is almost completed, 5 or 6 imagenes from my 7 images become in the real images from the torrent.

So .. is it a someone who hacked my pc?

or is it a bug with utorrent? like this >>> http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=115728

and the most important thing, did utorrent upload my own pictures to the torrent? or i have nothing to worry about?

Note: The folder where utorrent was downloading is not the same place where my deleted folder was. and i have a firewall and antivirus.

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