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An Uploader's Nightmare


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I am trying to seed to raise my bitgamer ratio but no torrent gets above 1kb/s upload, but even if it gets that, it instantly goes back to 0 (even with non-bitgamer torrents). My peers fluctuate between 0 and 3, quickly losing any that connect. It's been a while since I've regularly torrented, but this issue has been new since I started trying to seed several days ago. My download speed remains normal…

I have tried the m-lab bandwidth throttle test and it reported I'm not getting throttled. I have tested that the port is being successfully forwarded. I can't figure out why my upload speed is nonexistant. I've tried different torrents, different OS's, multiple computers and restarting my router, but nothing on my network can upload correctly.

Speedtest reports my upload is getting 16.17 mbps. Any clue how to fix this?


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Check your firewall / router settings.

Many (from what i've seen) will still allow a connection even if a block rule is in place to allow peers to "connect and authenticate" this usually results in the actual transfer port being another port.

for example:

A web server listens on port 80, that doesn't mean that it sends you data on port 80, just that it can accept the incoming connection request.

Usually after the initial "hello" servers respond by saying "ok im now gonna switch you to port x so i can send you data".

This leaves port 80 free for the next guy to come in.

My point being, it looks like the port for the "hello" is open but then no range for that actual data transfer is open so the transfer is blocked.

Of course this is just a theory, could be a whole load of things.

You wont see this with downloads because most of the time an ""outgoing connection request" is fine it's the incoming ones that firewalls are hot on.

Also look in to "port triggering" ... that might be the cause.

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