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Utorrent not seeding


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First of all I know there are loads of threads like this and I've read through most of them as well as the sticky guides but I can't seem to get my settings right to seed properly.

I recently joined a private tracker and downloaded a file at a really good speed. I think the file was uploading as I downloaded but the speed was really slow. When the file had finished however it stopped completely. It has been seeding for about 2 days now but hasn't uploaded anything at all.

I have a basic knowledge of torrents but the settings confuse me. I'm using utorrent version 3.2.2 When I click on one of the torrents it says Seeds 0 of 17 connected (23 in swarm). This leaves me to believe that other users can't connect to me but it says my port is open and I have added utorrent and that specific port to my exceptions in my firewall.

Here are my settings at the minute. I've read conflicting things about checking certain options so it's very possible I'm doing something wrong here.






Thanks in advance

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The incomplete torrent is effectively not seeded.

The complete torrent is chronically overseeded.

So it's just a matter of finding a torrent that actually needs seeders? I tried downloading a torrent from a public tracker (Piratebay) and picked one with a lot of leechers. I had the same problem where it would upload whilst downloading but once it had completed it stopped loading completely.

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