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Upload Speed 100kB/s


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My upload speed stays between 100kB/s and 110kB/s

Right now its running at that speed on 1 torrent if i start the other 11 then it stays at the same speeds between all 12 torrents.

I have followed the speed guide and done the tests in uTorrent itself everything is fine, there are no caps on the upload speeds.

My Internet connection is not a problem since i should get 2mB/s upload.

Any Ideas?

Here is a speedtest result

It's a little slower than usual but still my upload is better than 100kB/s


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With which uT version ? Tried with new/popular/in-high demand torrents ? No harm in trying my suggested settings ...

Possible reasons: ISP capping your BT traffic , bad settings, your own upload limit ... :P How should we know unless you tell us more details ...

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