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Stupid workflow


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Meh, I guess when you have to redownload over 100GBs worth of stuff that not many people are seeding, you still don't have the rights to be angry huh.

Anyway, so I'm here to complain about the, IMO stupid, workflow of uTorrent. Specifically the recheck, set download folder and automatic folder creation.

When my computer hard reset last night, uTorrent notified me that a few torrents were in an invalid state. So I start them again, and they say missing files. I scratched my head, but then do a force recheck on all of them. Lo and behold they all start to redownload from scratch.

I was like "WTF", so I check to see where they are downloading to, and for some reason they're downloading INTO the folder it's supposed to download to. Weird, huh. So I then set the download destination for those torrents, and then force recheck and watches as the damn thing overwrites the downloaded files with its own downloading files. Yeap, 100GBs and many many hours of seeding down the toilet.

Then, I had 1 torrent left that I didn't do the above steps, so I tried something different. This time, I verified the files that are downloaded are working, and they are, perfectly. So this time instead of force recheck, I set the download folder FIRST, which then makes uTorrent asks me whether I want to overwrite a file. I said no, of course, and then do a force recheck. Lo and behold it STILL RESTARTS FROM SCRATCH.

So erm... Is this a "feature"?

In addition to that, why do I have to change the torrent name in order to have the torrent folder be created correctly? The set download folder name doesn't work at all, keeps defaulting to the torrent's name.

Worse, sometimes when I have a hard reset, the torrent's name defaults back to its original name, which then messes everything up.

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Ok fine, I guess I was too verbose.

Here we go:

Step 1: Have a finished torrent running, with changed torrent name and folder name.

Step 2: Somehow simulate a system crash and forces uTorrent to forget a torrent's state (no idea how you would do this tbh).

Step 3: Step 2 should cause uTorrent to forget the torrent's changed name. If you do a force recheck now it'll create a new folder inside the original folder and starts to download there.

Step 4: Now stop the download, rename the torrent and then do a set download location. It should pop up and ask if I want to overwrite. Select no.

Step 5: Here's where it gets interesting. Last night after the crash, even if I said no uTorrent still overwrites the file and downloads fresh. However when I tried it just now it did not do that. So perhaps something to do with the invalid state?

Also, I remember last night that no matter how many times I try to start the invalid state torrent, it'll stay in an invalid state, until I force recheck it.

And btw, as a programmer I appreciate that link you gave me. It'll really help with our customers :lol:

EDIT: yes I've calmed down and accept the fact that I'll have to redownload the whole thing again anyway <_< . Sorry for blowing up on this board last night <_<

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