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download speed problem?


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Hi, my download speed is 10mb/s (according to speedtest.net), but my download speed at utorrent is only 1.1mb/s ? Any ideas why? And is there a way to get my download speed up to 10mb/s, or close to? Is it a thing with the preferences and if so what do i have to change to get a faster download?

preferences are as follows:


port 45682

fields checked:

enable nat-pmp port mapping

add windows firewall exception


max upload rate: 65kb/s

max download rate: 0

apply rate limit to tp connections - checked

global max number of connections: 500

max number of connected peers per torrent: 100

number of upload slots: 4

use additional upload slots per torrent if upload speed <90% - checked

every other option is left as it comes standard on utorrent!



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