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[Advanced] Recreating parts of files without downloading, possible?


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Hello, I’m wondering if a power-user could help with my situation: I’m seeding a torrent that won’t complete for other peoples, they’re stuck at 99.82%. It is a music album and it’s only one track that won’t complete. My hypothesis is that windows media player changed the metadata of the mp3 (automatically or by me touching the wrong thing).

I redownloaded the torrent and now the torrent is stuck at 99.7%, the first file having its first 1% missing.

So I was wondering, if µtorrent can know that the first 1% is bad, is it possible to bruteforce every bit combination of these 1% and find the good one?

It seems pretty possible, but I have no idea how to do it, and I don’t know if it is possible in a reasonable amount of time. If you’re comfortable with the inner workings of bittorrent your help would be appreciated.

EDIT: It’s the first 4000 bits or so that are corrupted (ID3), bits must not be changed but added, ID3 infos are separated by two line return, and 4000 × 256 = 1024000 options.

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