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Whats the best IP blocker to use?


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Im looking for a IP blocker to protect myself.

Im using peerblock now but its an old program that hasnt been updated in awhile. The IP addresses's to block are auto updated most everytime I start it up but the program itself is old so Im curious if I should be using something different that offers better protection or if peerblock really is a good program.

I dont know a great deal about this stuff so thats why Im double checking with you guys.

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Of the 30% of the internet that those blocklists block, less than 4% of that (Totalling 1.2% of the internet MAYBE) are actually anti-p2p groups.

IP Blockers don't protect you from anything.

I didnt ask about the statistics of blocking IP addresses's. I asked which blocker was the best.

1.2% is the amount of anti p2p groups, but they are still there looking obviously. So youre wrong in saying it protects you from nothing because it protects you from that 1.2%. If that 1.2% was inaffectual then I wouldnt see about people getting warnings, lawsuits and their internet shut off for doing p2p. Ive gotten a warning myself in the past so its obvious those groups even though they are small are still out there.

So can anyone actually answer a simple and direct question here instead of trying to sound like a condescending dick?

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