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rss feed issues


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I'm new to using rss feeds for torrents so have some patience.

I'm attempting to configure feeds using http://www.dailytvtorrents.org. For example, I'm trying to set one up for the show House of Lies as shown:


This is on version 3.2.3. The specific feed address for this feed in particular is http://www.dailytvtorrents.org/rss/show/house-of-lies.

I'm not sure why I get no results. Anyone have any ideas?

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There's nothing in your Filter box, so it doesn't know what to look for. The "Feed" box tells it where to look, but it has no terms to search for. Did you create the filter by hitting the "Add" button in the RSS Downloader? If so, that's why. There's nothing in the Filter box using that method until you put it there. With nothing there, it has no search terms. You can simply type "House of Lies HD" (or "House of Lies 720") (without the quotes) into the Filter Box at the top of the RSS Downloader, and then try it again.

A faster way to set these up is to right-click on one of them in the main screen and click "Add to Favorites." It will then automatically fill in the Filter box and set the Quality appropriately. If you do this (right-click, Add) and nothing more, and then hit the "?" button, you should immediately get a list of items that match that filter.

You don't need to put anything in the Episode Number box unless you're looking for (or want to start at) a specific episode. Leaving that box blank will start at the first episode it finds and go on from there. Used in conjunction with the "Smart ep. filter" checkbox, it will only download one copy of each successive episode. That does not appear to be an issue with this particular feed, as it only lists one copy of each episode for each Quality level, so uTorrent will only try to download one copy of each anyway.

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