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utorrent 3.2.3 internet connectivity issue


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I have a Belkin N300 wireless adapter, Brighthouse Roadrunner Lightning (60 Mbps), and a Motorola SBG6580 Surfboard router. My primary issue is that I am not able to maintain a connection to the internet while using utorrent. I can download at about 1.5 MBps for between 30-seconds and 5-minutes, but ultimately my entire internet connection is lost.

I can reset my network adapter in control panel and regain my connection, but if I keep utorrent active, I lose it again within a few minutes. I have done the usual stuff (reset, check my drivers, check my software version, google for suggestions), but to no avail. I've lowered my number of connections to 50, and that still doesn't help. I've tried to follow the suggestions for limiting my upload bandwidth, but most of the advice I'm finding seems to come from between 2008 and 2010. I'm really hoping someone in here has a suggestion for how I can remedy this issue.

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ever since using v3.x.x, i was facing connection disruption too.

adsl speedtouch modem is connect directly to my pc.

system is xp pro sp3, current utorrent v3.0.0.26473.

tried stable version 3.3.0, downgrade when glitches or problems popped up.

step downgraded til v3.0.0.26473 seem to work on my system, no disruption so far.

tried all suggestions presented in this forum failed to work.

finally, these settings work n have been running without disrupted:

1) in advance, set bt.transp_disposition to 15.

2) in connection, uncheck enable upnp n nat-pmp port mapping (optional).

3) in bandwidth, leave all boxes uncheck in global rate limit options if it is checked.

close n restart utorrent, done.

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tried b4 n all did not work.

disable the new uTP header (16) solved internet connection disruption problem.

in advance, set bt.transp_disposition to 15.

bt.transp_disposition: This option controls µTorrent's level of bias towards using TCP or uTP for transporting data (assuming the peer at the other end of the connection supports both transport protocols). The following is a list of the accepted values:

1 allows µTorrent to attempt outgoing TCP connections

2 allows µTorrent to attempt outgoing uTP connections

4 allows µTorrent to accept incoming TCP connections

8 allows µTorrent to accept incoming uTP connections

16 tells µTorrent to use the new uTP header. This is an improved communication header, but is not backwards compatible with clients that do not understand it.

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