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All Torrents Queued So I Have To Force Start (SOLVED)


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I have searched this forum for a solution to the name of my topic, and so far I have not found any solutions, so before I give my solution and start a wasted topic, if possible can someone point me in the right direction.

My problem was as follows, when I add a torrent in Utorrent to download, it automatically went to Queued, and the only way i could get the torrent to start was by right clicking on the torrent and selecting force start, then the torrent would begin to download. I have read in some posts that this is bad, i have seen screen shots etc, but no solution.

The solution i found makes the torrent go to queued for about 1 second and then it begins to download as usual, but i am not sure whether or not it makes any difference to your history or power as a seeder/leecher/downloader/uploader etc.

Sorry if this post sounds like i am beating around the bush, I just do not want to post something that everybody on this forum already knows and i have not been able to locate or somehow missed on this forum, it will also make me certain that my actions are the right ones.



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Okay I was waiting for a reply and this is the main answer i see floating around on the net that it must be something to do with my settings for queue or scheduler, but this is how i fixed the above problem, if anyone can inform me whether i have done a bad thing by carrying out the following action please feel free to inform me.

My Solution For All Torrents Queued So I Have To Force Start

This problem did not occur until i had downloaded some ROMS, being two separate files, one file was 100GB and the other was 36GB. Around the 78% mark on the 100GB file i noticed all other torrents i tried to download automatically went to queue when i added a new torrent to download. When the 100GB file had finished this problem still occurred, and when the 36GB file had finished utorrent was still doing the same thing.

I typed this problem into Google and as stated most people say its the queue or scheduler settings, it is one of the settings and the one that worked for me and got rid of this queuing problem was the setting called TRANSFER CAP.

To find this setting you go to Options > Preferences > Transfer Cap

You will see that transfer cap is enabled with a green tick and my allowance was set at 200gb for a time period of 31 days. you have two choices either disable Transfer Cap or as i have done use the reset button to reset your history,

Since i have done this no more queuing and Utorrent is working fine.

This setting can also be changed, i put my transfer cap up to 300gb for 31 days.

Most of you who are experiencing this problem have probably not realized that you have reached your download limit for the 31 days and now everything you do will go into a queue.

Hope this helps................

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