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Making the uTorrent foolproof


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As a go-to computer guy for my family and friends there's a thing that's been bothering me for quite a while. See, everyone I know is torrenting and every single one of them is using uTorrent but I have yet to see a properly configured client. Small part of them is using the default settings and that's not too bad but the majority of them has ridiculous settings. I'm talking 1000+ global connections, 15 downloads queue on a 1 mb up/down connection.

There should be an "auto pilot" option in the bandwidth section of the uTorrent settings, selected by default and all other options greyed out (inaccessible) while "auto pilot" is on.

This "auto pilot" would take notice of average ul/dl speeds and reconfigure the bandwidth settings accordingly say every 60 min. or so.

This would benefit:

1) novice users - since they don't know any better

2) users on mobile devices (laptops, tablets) - automatic configuration while switching networks

3) everyone else - since uTorrent has the biggest market share among clients, the overall "quality" of swarms would improve

Advanced users could just disable this option and configure the client themselves given that they know what they are doing.


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