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Cannot change advanced settings


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I'm running utorrent server v3 (build 27079) on my ubuntu server and came into a problem where i cant reach most of the advanced settings in the webui.

You can see on the screenshot below, the size of the scrollbar is too small and i cant reach the bottom of the list of the advanced settings.


The settings i tried to change is the usage of the ipfilter.dat. I tried modify the settings on the server itself as well by alter the config file, but since the settings.dat is protected with a checksum (fileguard) i cannot change the values without breaking it.

I also tried in the webui to sort the setting by values back and forth but it is out of the screen either way.

Anyone encountered the similar? any known solution?


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wow, that gave me a lot of sleepless nights! Thanks!

Which folder do i have to put the ipfilter.dat because the log didnt mentioned it was loaded? (currently its in the settingspath folder, but nothing is happening)

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