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utorrent does not work on new computer


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Hi All,

I have recently purchased a new computer on ASUS P8B-75M LE (i3-3220) with Realtek 8111F network card. I have installed Windows and utorrent. When I started the download, the speed starts normal then will go below 1KB/s despite with well over 200 seeds available and open port (not connected). However when I switch back to my old computer, it's well over 3MB/s with closed port.

I am not using a router, directly connecting to ISP each time (so for sure ISP is not throttling) and I have tried different method so to see if you will be able to help

1) Install Windows 8, no luck

2) Disabled Windows Firewall

3) Purchased a new NIC, although it apparently is another Realtek (8169)

4) updated Motherboard BIOS

5) updated Lan Driver

6) Changing settings on the LAN card Properties - Too many different combinations, can't even remember.

Hope to get this resolve soon. Thanks.

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