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Upload only to 1 peer at the same time


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I often upload about 1~2mb/s but recently, my upload speed decrease. I search on forum and try to config but it's still the same. I notice that i can only upload to 1 peer at the same time although i set 8 for upload slot.

Plz see this sreenshot:


There are 2 peers download from me but the 2nd peer have very slow download speed and will disconnect within 2~5s.

Anyone have any idea about it? I use v3.3 and leave all default setting.

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I did notice this, but only when I had an upload limit set. I see you do not (which I find questionable...) . I remember other reporting about this , tho. If I remember correctly, I think that using my settings (see my tips/sig/guide) resolved it (if not using an upload limit) ...

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Thank for the tip. I'm reading it now.

Yesterday, after make post here, I try change port ( now 47032 ) and use speed test ( ctrl + G), after done ( got 6.7mb/s upload speed ), i save and close. At that time, my upload speed increased and i saw i can upload to about 7~8 peers at the same time. But it's temporary, today i can upload only to 1 peer.

I'll try your tip.

P/s: I don't have any problem with network. Other upload work well. Download from torrent is well too. Before i have download and upload speed about 2~3mb/s and sometime upload speed increase 3~4mb/s.

Edit: Just use the same way as yesterday: Ctrl + G, run speed test, save n close. I can now upload to 7~8 peers. I will test it more tomorrow and will report here. :)

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