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problems with "set download location" and "force recheck"


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OK here's the issue i'm having.

Trying to add a torrent to Dimeadozen, I've always done the same thing and it has worked up but I haven't uploaded anything in about 2 months and now i can't seem to get it right

so i create the torrent in "DIME Uploads" folder

upload the torrent, then i have to download a copy of it, as DIME runs in members only mode

i download the file to "downloads" folder

open torrent in utorrent

hit "stop"

go to "set download location" and change folder from "downloads" to "DIME uploads" where the folder actually is

now here is the problem

when i hit "force recheck" nothing happens

it used to re-check it until it hit 100%, then it'd appear as "finished" and i could hit "start seeding" and it'd be golden

now the recheck just stays at 0%

any ideas? thanks to advance

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