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Hello all, new to the forum and been doing a bit of searching. Not really finding what I am looking for so I figured I would ask. If I missed a previous post, I apologize.

I just downloaded utorrent and have succesfully downloaded my first movie and am seeding it. :) However I have the malawarebytes program on my computer that keeps popping up warnings now that it is blocking potentially malicious websites. I am running windows 7. I gives me a balloon Process - outgoing, Port _ _ _ _ _, Program utorrent.exe

I am thinking that this is not really a threat but really don't need or want viruses or crap in my computer, so thought I would ask what websites is utoorent.exe trying to access and how do I ensure that it is indeed not really malicious websites or just get utorrent not to access any sites at all so I don't get the pop up balloon.


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