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DHT Waiting to login


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Hi hope someone here can help, I am getting the above message almost permanently now and am unable to download anything.

My setup is as follows...

Alienware M18X,

Killer Network Adapter Wireless-N 1103

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows Firewall

Microsoft Security Essentials

uTorrent 3.3 (build 29342) [32 bit] - is there a 64 bit version?

I connect to a Buffalo Airstation Nfinity WHR-HP-G300N router which is running dd-wrt v24 sp2 (build 14896) firmware

that in turn is connected to a Motorola Surfboard SB5100 Cable modem

I have had a lot of trouble getting the ports open to begin with, but after a lot of fiddling, reseting factory defaults on the router et al, I finally have port forwarding working via UPnP.

However, despite now having the green check mark to say my ports are open, I still cannot download ANYTHING

All I see at the bottom of the page is DHT Waiting to log in.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling uTorrent many times, both keeping the settings to manually delete the dht files in %appdata%\utorrent and also allowing the uninstall to remove all settings still no joy.

I have tried with firewall both enabled and disabled (On the router as well as within windows) I have added outbound TCP and UDP rules for uTorrent to windows firewall (uTorrent only adds inbound rules automatically)

and yet still I get DHT waiting to log in.

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