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ut 3.3 stable - freeze on disk overload 100% and checking


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Been a long-time utorrent user.

Usually I do not test beta releases, but I saw some good improvements for disk I/o and decided to move from 3.2 to 3.3 beta, then to 3.3. stable.

Torrents 2747, d\l 630, seeding 230.

Starting somewhere from 3.3 b29xxx builds I began to experience a lot of freezes of client.

For ex, i'm starting 4-5 torrents of Blu-ray disks for d/l. Ofc, when they start to flush big files to HDD I get disk overload 100% for a long time and I see that my disk is writing. But starting from 29xxx build I began to notice disk overload 100% and no disk activity, at all. And client is not d\l anything either. I've tried to close the client but it stayed in memory, so had to shut it down through task manager.

After that I run the client and ofc my BD torrents, that were d/ling at the time of "closing" started a forced recheck. But after 5-6 min on about 95% of the 1st file recheck I see the same situation as with disk overload - filechecking is not moving, nothing downloading and no disk activity at all.

That issue I see on every build of 29xxx and later.

Now im using build 28918 and it works somehow.

I watched a changelog between these builds and what I've found is

--2013-01-28: Version 3.3 beta (build 28993)

- Fix: disk write coalesce issue

--2013-01-24: Version 3.3 beta (build 28965)

- Fix: disk flushing issues

- Fix: Show Flags in the Peer list the first time (no need for reload)

- Fix: Don't add default labels to settings file

So maybe there's something wrong with disk flushing or disk write coalesce, as I've tested 3.4 beta also - it still doesn't work for me. Same freezes.

Hope that can be usefull.

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If the cache size is relatively large, uTorrent writes too much data, too quickly for the drive interface to keep up each time the cache requires flushing, writing LESS data allows the drive interface/buffer to recover between writes.

It happens MUCH, MUCH MORE when you treat uTorrent as if it is a workhorse client and load it down with ludicrous amounts of running jobs.

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Actually, I think this is not the case. As I have done some testing with disabled disk caching. Unchecking all options in disk cache doesn't solve the problem.

Also, b28918 that I have working fine has the default disk caching options. And it works! What that build misses is "corked jobs" but im not sure if this Is the case.

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I have the same problems. My 3.2.3 worked fine (default settings). Then I've switched to 3.3, which worked fine (default settings) for a few hours, and then I receive this disk overload 100% message and it's like the application freezes and I have to force it to shut down from task manager. I have tried also many 3.3 ver. and the 3.4, but the only solution was a 2.2 ver. that I've found.

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