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µTorrent - Scraping


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Hello guys,

I have some troubleshoot with µTorrent and I think you can help me.

My µTorrent doesn't receive any data about seeds and leeches

Here is my scrapement code: http://pastebin.com/6Hvrm

The logs from scrapement script: ($this->getLog($benc);)


as µTorrent has not any logs to view I tried with Ratio Master ...and... the scrapement it's working

[02:49:10] GET /scrapement?passkey=fe4d2xxxxxx&info_hash=B%c3%2c%e7%be%ec%2a%5c%a1%c4c%f8%c4M35%3f%f3%c6%e8 HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: uTorrent/1800
Accept-Encoding: gzip

so why the uTorrent doesn't receive any data?

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