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Error writing file due to two filenames only differs by letter case.


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I'm posting this separately because I have found the cause of the problem for:

Error: WriteToDisk: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

that has been posted i several other thread without any useful answer.

The problem comes from torrents created on UNIX / Linux filesystems that distinguishes between upper and lower case letters. With two (or more) files in the same location only differentiated by letter case other filesystems can't handle the torrent.

eg: "test.pdf" and "test.Pdf" are different filenames on linux but the same on NTFS.

When uTorrent tries to write the files it allocated one first, then gives the error when trying to create the second file. There is no other process, only threads in uTorrent trying to access in parallen the same file af if it is two files. When the files exist in the same piece the problem is terminal.

I've seen it with torrents created by Transmission.

Trying to relocate one of the files in uTorrent doesn't work either. It needs to be fixed in uTorrent, so files can be relocated or renamed before allocation in cases where there are conflicting filenames or foldernames.

At least a more understandable error message is needed.

As it stands now uTorrent is unable to download these torrents on windows systems.

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There are other causes of this message, it's not unique to this case.

Windows and applications on it are usually case insensitive. It is possible to have case sensitivity, but I don't know if this can be set as an option or if it needs to be done programatically, I believe the latter to be likely.

What version did you test on?

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You cannot make a Windows OS case sensitive UNLESS you are running Server 2003 or 2008 and using NFS (Network Filing System(not the same as NTFS).

Software apps that are POSIX capable are case insensitive BUT Windows has problems with the files that are created, so the filename case ONLY causes a problem when the data is written to disk and causes an exception to occur.

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